How to Save Money When You Go Traveling

Traveling is one of the greatest experiences that you will ever have in your lifetime and there are even many people who are turning it into a career choice. The digital nomad lifestyle has seen many people uproot their lives and continuously travel whilst working from their computer. Because of the dramatic rise in recent years of people dedicating themselves to travel, there are more ways than ever which people have found to save some money when they are on the road. If you are looking to travel and want to save some cash, here is how.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be a great tool when used properly and you can use them to gain yourself some fantastic perks and discounts on your travels. When using a credit card, the best way of doing things is to spend the money that you would usually spend, only use your credit card and pay it off with cash each month, you must avoid the temptation of spending anything that you wouldn’t normally. I employ this strategy with my Chase Sapphire card and I have amassed many points which I can use for flights and hotels.

Group Bookings

If you are heading off to see an attraction or on an experience, try to arrange it in a group with other travelers. Both professional and local services will often offer group discounts and you can take advantage of this if you buddy up before the trip.


If you don’t necessarily need to be in a particular country for a reason, then manage your trip around off-peak times. This will naturally vary from country to country but if you are going to Europe for example, it is pointless going anywhere with sunshine around the June – August period.  You may not think that the difference of just a few months could make such an impact financially but it can really save you a great amount of money, and ensure that the country is nice and quiet when you visit, a real win-win.


I often meet travelers complaining about their lack of money to go traveling with and then I see them rack up a hefty bar bill or walk around sipping on a Starbucks and buying the latest gadgets, something which I cannot compute. If it is your wish to travel then travel, and focus solely on this. I have always placed far more importance on experiences rather than money or fancy things and if you want to save money and get traveling, ignore tech and stop wasting money on frivolities.

Tickets Online

If you are heading to a particular landmark or experience, always check to see how much tickets cost online first. companies much prefer that you book up early so that they have an idea of how many tickets they have sold, for this reason you will often find tickets at much cheaper prices than if you simply turn up and pay. Using this method you may only save 10 or 20 dollars but it all counts right?

The key to saving money on the road is to review each spend that you make and ask yourself whether it is necessary, or whether you could spend less for the same thing.

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