Why Solo Travel is One of The Best Ways To See The World

It is true that the best things are life are those that are shared with someone that you care about, but this is not to say that sometimes, going it alone can be a far easier way of doing things, especially when it comes to travel. All over the world there are people traveling solo, discovering the world, new cultures and meeting people from all four corners of the globe. If you have always wanted to go traveling and were waiting for someone to come along for the ride, here are just a few reasons why going it alone is not that bad at all.


Traveling on your own is a very simple way to travel, you can do what you want, when you want and how you want, without the need for constant negotiations. It is human nature that we enjoy different things, and sometimes when you are traveling with a friend or a loved one, you may have to make sacrifices so that everyone remains happy. When you travel alone however, even simple things like choosing where to eat, stay as simple as they should be, without a need for a daily debate.

Finding Love

If you are single then going traveling will open yourself up to meeting a huge range of interesting people, many even find love whilst they are on the road. When you are traveling with someone else however, it can stifle your chances at meeting someone new. Many people go on a holiday for single travelers, where they can increase their chances of finding a like-minded person, which may lead to a relationship or at the very least  it can give you the best of both worlds, traveling alone, and buddying up with someone.


Sometimes we need to just take some time out, away from our daily lives and away from the stresses and pressures of our day-to-day existence. Solo travel offers you a chance to pause life for a little while, to reflect on where you are in your life, and what you want to do when you return. Whether you go traveling alone for 3 days or 3 months, you can have the opportunity to really take stock of who you are and what you are doing with your life.


I have always found that I discover more about a place when I go alone, rather than when I go with friends. For example I went to Barcelona with a friend some years ago and had the most amazing time in the bars, restaurants, clubs and of course, that amazing harbor. Whilst we did see the sights in Barcelona, it wasn’t until I returned on my own 4 years later, that I was really able to scratch beneath the surface of this wonderful city. Going it alone means you are more open to changing plans, and you are happy to go with the flow.

If you have been holding off that trip until you find someone to go with you, I say forget about them, head off alone and enjoy being by yourself for a while.

5 Things To Do On A Solo Vacation To The UK


Without doubt, the United Kingdom is one of the most visited countries in the world and for good reason. With so much to see and do spread over a relatively small area, it makes the perfect location to head to if you’re looking to maximise your time on vacation. Regardless of whether you’re going to the UK with a group of friends or by yourself, there will be things to do for everyone. Here we look at the top 5 things to do if you’re heading there alone.

London – All Its Fantastic Sights

London is the capital city of England and has been its historic centre for millennia. As a result, London is absolutely teeming with things to see and do, from small local pubs in the many backstreets, to tours and numerous museums and other attractions. A good piece of information to note is that all the museums in London are free. 100% free. The Natural History Museum and the British Museum are the two best ones for anyone on a visit to London and looking to take in a bit of the history of the land and the country. The Tower of London is ideal for anyone on their own and looking to explore the sordid history of London – with its time as both a historic royal palace as well as a prison, the Tower is the place to see. A quick rundown of other attractions in London include the Dungeon (don’t go alone if you’re easily spooked, though!), Westminster Abbey (tours available) and the palaces of Windsor/Hampton Court. All of these suggestions are great for anyone travelling solo with the exception of the Dungeons.


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is a great place to head to for a bit of history as well as some stunning scenery. The Scots are naturally a very welcoming people and Edinburgh lives up to this reputation well. For the best in sightseeing you can catch one of the hop-on, hop-off buses that takes you around the main sights of the city and drops you off where you like. With castles, great pubs and some fantastic walking routes available as well as museums and a bustling, vibrant nightlife, Edinburgh is great for travellers on their own.


A small city near the larger metropolis of Manchester, Chester is a beautiful medieval city teeming with charm and character. With its medieval market “rows” – elevated walkways featuring shops and bakeries along its main thoroughfare amid centuries old buildings made of Tudor era wooden beams – its not only exceptionally picturesque, but welcoming as well. Chester also features old city walls and great transport links so if you want to get out of the city, it’s simple and seamless. Popular routes include heading over to the Yorkshire Dales or going into Wales into the Snowdonia National Park.

Snowdonia National Park

Speaking of Snowdonia National Park, this is an absolutely stunning bit of the UK that is perfect for those both in groups or on their own. The tiny mountain town of Betws-y-Coed is situated perfectly to help visitors maximise their time in the park and is one of the main stops on the fantastic Snowdon Link bus – a bus that for £1 takes you through the valleys of the area, past lakes, and to the foot of some of Snowdon’s favourite climbing routes. Snowdon is easily climbed by most, but if you aren’t up for it, you can catch the bus to Llangollen, and pay to go up on the small land train.


Salisbury enjoys excellent connections by train to London and Bath/Bristol. It’s a lovely, welcoming, medieval market city (more like a town!) with an impressive cathedral to visit as well as a bustling market square on Tuesdays and Saturdays as well as numerous pubs and the medieval Poultry Cross – an impressive example of medieval architecture. Be sure to stop for a pint in the Haunch of Venison – a pub so old it’s purported to be made from old ship beams brought up from the coast in the 1200s and used initially as the hostel for the men working on the cathedral at that time. Ask the bar staff for more history, including the story of the hand – you might be surprised at the secrets that lurk within. A great place to hob nob with the locals as well – if they find out you’re on your own and you aren’t local, chances are you’ll be swept up in conversation.

So there you have a couple of top ideas for those who are coming to the UK solo. There are countless other things to do in the UK if you’re travelling alone – the only limitation is your own comfort zone as well as well as those looking for more excitement. The UK is a wonderful and welcoming place for travellers, so pack your bags and grab your wellies – the UK awaits!