Classic British Cuisine to Try When You’re In The UK

One of the most exciting aspects of visiting a new country is trying some of the local foods on offer. It is criminal to visit Italy and not enjoy some handmade pasta, or not to try tacos in Mexico, burgers in the USA or Dim Sum in China, you get the drift.

If you are heading to the UK then you are going to be in for a culinary treat regardless of where you go. If you are flying in then you’ll find the best prices on flights to London on, and London is of course the best place to base yourself in the UK. You may be surprised at the wide range of classic British meals which you can find there, many know that the country is famed for fish and chips but beyond that there are so many great and hearty British meals and desserts to try, and we have put together some of the meals which you can’t leave before you have tried.

Toad in the Hole

The creatively named toad-in-the-hole is a filling and hearty meal which has traditional British sausages which have been cooked into a large Yorkshire pudding and bathed in gravy. To the uninitiated amongst you a Yorkshire pudding is usually a small side dish which is made using baked batter and resembles a dumpling in form. In this dish however the Yorkshire pudding is supersized and then filled up with tasty pork sausages.

Scotch Egg

Another great dish which you can find throughout the country in delis and bakeries is the Scotch Egg, a perfect snack. This snack is made using a hard boiled egg which is then coated in sausage-meat and a soft breadcrumbs.

Sunday Roast

The quintessential meal for a Sunday afternoon with the family is the Sunday Roast, a tradition which dates back centuries and which you’ll still find on dinner tables throughout the country every Sunday. This is simply a piece of meat which has been roasted, usually pork or beef, which is then served with vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, turnip and carrots, accompanied by roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and lashings of meat gravy. The perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon.


Anyone familiar with the regal tradition of high tea will have heard about the scones which accompany the tea and these are another delicious snack which are perfect with a hot drink. Scones are made using flour, salt, butter, sugar, salt and eggs which are mixed together and baked in the oven to form fluffy and dense cakes which melt in the mouth. You can get many varieties of scones which have been filled with fruits such as raisins and cranberries. A cup of tea wouldn’t be the same without them.

Steak and Ale Pie

You will find a huge range of pies wherever you go in the UK and each county or city will have their own versions. The classic pie option however is the steak and ale pie, a perfect dish to warm you up in the cold UK climate. The pie is made with soft, flaky pastry which is filled with steak pieces which have been slow cooked in gravy and a rich ale sauce, normally made using Guinness. Additional touches can be found such as carrots and cheese, and this is one of those dishes which you’ll only find in the UK, a real classic which you have to try.

Eton Mess

This refreshingly named dish is a dessert which you will find throughout the country, and whilst it does look like a mess, it tastes absolutely delicious. The Eton Mess is also a very simple dish which features just 4 ingredients, double cream, fresh British strawberries, meringue pieces and some fresh mint. As you can imagine, the dish is made by whipping up all of the ingredients and then serving it just as it comes, totally messy and absolutely gorgeous.

Shepherd’s Pie

Another dish which will warm you up on those cold nights – noticing a theme here? Is the British classic Shepherd’s Pie. Unlike most pies this one doesn’t use pastry and instead is topped with soft and creamy mash potatoes. Made using minced lamb with gravy and vegetables, this combination is cooked off and placed in an oven proof dish. The mash potato is then layered on top of the meat and it is cooked in a hot oven so that the mash becomes crispy on top, soft underneath. Cheese is added to the top of the pie at the end of cooking and the mixture of flavors and textures is simply glorious.

Naturally you should also ensure that you try fish and chips during your time in the UK, but as you can see there is plenty more than just that to try out.

Fantastic Holiday Ideas For 2019

Now that spring is well and truly on its way, it’s time for many people to start thinking about those spring break or summer holidays. Both are coming up quickly and some places that are popular around the world sell out months in advance, so it pays to shop around early. If you’re one of those people who is dying to get away from it all this year to a far flung locale to just kick back, relax and maybe participate in a couple of activities, you might be wondering just where to go. Here are a couple of truly great getaway suggestions to help get your plans started.


The bustling and popular coastal city of Malaga in mainland Spain is one of the most popular options for holidaymakers from around Europe. Malaga is home to some impressive sandy stretches of beach that attract sun worshippers to enjoy the sea breeze from their sun beds with cocktails in hand. The city also has two impressive hilled castles – the Alcazaba and the Gibralafaro – both of which offer impressive views over the city and the sea. You can hire a car at Malaga airport to get around the city, or take a day trip to neighbouring Seville, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, for a look at inland Spanish culture and impressive Moorish architecture.


This beautiful Greek island to the west of the mainland is a unique place where people come from all over Europe to explore old walled fortress cities alongside azure coloured waters, dotted with impressive yachts. Harbourside restaurants serve up the most delicious fresh fish and local dishes such as souvlaki, with bowls of local olives on offer. The Greek food is, in a word, amazing and Corfu is one of the best places to sample it due to its location and the local production of many items right on the island.


The doorstep of both Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the gateway to so many different countries and cultures. This beautiful, welcoming city has become a huge tourist attraction in recent years due to the history, the culture, the hospitality and the scenery. With sunsets featuring beautiful mosques such as the Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque as silhouettes amid streets lined with local tavernas serving up local cuisine and beers such as Efes, it’s easy to see why Istanbul has become so popular for those looking for culture, romance and something a bit more exotic.


If you’re looking for exotic, Morocco has you covered. From the Atlantic coastal town of Essouira with its daily fresh fish and mazes of bazaars to the ancient leather dyeing vats of the city of Fes, Morocco has a bit of everything for everyone. Book a Sahara desert tour to sleep amid the sand dunes with tribesmen from the Berber people, ride camels and gaze at the Milky Way. Stay in a luxury riad amid the the mazes of souks in Marrakech, shop with the locals at the spice merchants and visit the intricate and incredible Saadian tombs of ancient Moroccan royalty before taking a hammam at one of the local spas. Morocco honestly does have you covered if you’re looking for something to whet your exotic appetite.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate adventurous getaway this year or you just want to kick back on the beaches of the Mediterranean, hopefully this brief article all about some of the best getaway destinations will help you make a choice you won’t soon regret!

Great Long Weekend Ideas

When it comes to holiday ideas throughout the year, there are a lot of choices depending what you want out of your short time off. While some people take long weekends once or twice a month just for some extra time off, others will take a week off in the winter or other days off here and there where they want to get away from it all and jet set to some foreign place. If this sounds like you and you want to look for a last minute short break, check out these ideas for great getaways.

City Breaks

City breaks are a great way to get out and away from your hometown for awhile, allowing you the options of picking great cities to get away to. While the term ‘city break’ often conjures up images of people jetting off to the likes of Paris, Rome or Barcelona, you can have great city breaks in the UK as well. Cities like London, Edinburgh, York, Chester and Aberdeen are great UK options for city breaks that many people may not think of. You can even consider Belfast or Londonderry for a great unusual city break as well. It doesn’t always have to be on the continent!

Other UK Breaks

Short breaks in and around the UK are plentiful. Whether you want to stay a weekend at a lush manor estate, a spa weekend or just getting into the countryside, the list is endless in Britain. Visit Bath for fantastic shopping, the amazing Thermae Spa and visit the Roman Baths museum before dining out at one of the city’s many trendy restaurants. The scenery is to die for around the city – rolling green hills made greener by all the beige Bath stone the buildings are made from lining the hills and valley around the city itself.

The Med

Without doubt, one of the best getaways for singles, couples and families alike is the Med. With so many islands to choose from spanning from Spain to Turkey, you will be hard pressed to narrow it down to just a couple to pick from. The Mediterranean Sea has some of the most brilliant weather as well as culture and coastline. Favourite locations include the coasts of Italy and Turkey, with many of the Greek islands such as Corfu and Crete attracting hundreds of thousands each year as well.

Something Cultural

If you’re on the hunt for something a bit more adventurous and cultural, why not consider heading to Morocco for your holiday? While it can be scorching hot in the summer months, it can be really lovely in shoulder seasons. If you like hot though, this is your place. Check out the cities of Marrakesh and Fez for a real cultural treat, or head to the north coast to cool down. Chefchaouen, a town known for its masses of blue buildings, is a hot spot for many tourists, especially backpackers. For a real treat though, book a trip into the Sahara with some Berber tribespeople. Viewing the night sky from the sand dunes just can’t be beat anywhere.

Whether you’re sticking with the tried and tested or you want something a bit new this year, there’s something for everyone in this list. From a city break in your own backyard to scaling the rugged Atlas Mountains in Morocco, you can be sure that you will find the perfect idea for you and your friends or family.

It’s Time to Visit Sicily

Sicily is an incredibly beautiful place to visit, thanks to its amazing scenery, beautiful clear waters and gorgeous weather. Located in the very heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily has been praised since time began. Praised by poets such as Virgil and Homer, and adored by ancient civilisations such as the Carthaginians, Phoenicians and the Elymians as well as the Greeks and Romans, Sicily is the perfect destination.

Home to some incredible dishes, anyone who visits Sicily will adore the fresh seafood such as the tuna, shellfish and swordfish that are readily available. But that’s not all Sicily has to offer its visitors, the landscape itself is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Mount Etna is a sight to behold and the many offshore islands are a great escape from the busy toing and froing of the city.

The Home of Wonderful Villas

If you want to experience the genuine atmosphere of the island booking a seaside villa or a country house is a must. They are nothing short of exquisite, but you do not have to give up the comfort. Take a look to Scent of Sicily Villas to make up your mind: the website is home to some of the most wonderful villas in Sicily. With a wonderful new catalogue of villas and the opportunity for you to vacation in the lap of luxury, this site has it all.

The long list of properties will no doubt tempt you, each displaying what they have to offer those who stay in them. The website itself is very easy to use and has something of a clean and smooth finish that makes navigating around it a breeze.

You’re in for a Treat

There’s a lot more to this newly-updated website than you think and it’s clear to see that it has been put together well. The new interface with its lovely photographs and new catalogue lets you know that you’re in for a real treat. Full of hand-picked villas that meet the highest standards in terms of comfort and design, this is the place you need to be if you want to find a list of luxury villas in Sicily that are out of this world.  Forget using all of those hard to navigate websites, make your way to Scent of Sicily and find exactly what you need to make your time away very special.

Architectural Beauties

Once you have booked your villa you can get ready to see some architectural beauties. See Arabic arches and domes in Palermo, marvel at the Normal palace walls and the Byzantine mosaics as you enjoy having your skin kissed by the hot Mediterranean sun. Make your way to south-east Sicily and see the baroque masterpieces, the palaces of Noto and the incredible domes.

Sicily may well be a very small island but it is full to the brim of architectural wonders, amazing landscapes and a clear blue sea. If you have never been to Sicily before you must make your way there this year. Make sure you book your villa as soon as you can and get ready to experience a vacation that will take your breath away.

7 of the Best Tropical Drinks to Make with Grenadine

Grenadine sounds like a hardcore punk band. There is already an indie band that goes by the name. It’s the perfect flavor to use in your cocktails while rocking out to one of their songs. While grenadine isn’t as punk rock as it sounds, it’s still one of the most important additives for cocktails. Almost any drink can be made with grenadine syrup.

Grenadine is a type of sweet syrup that’s made from pomegranates. Think of it as a non-alcoholic version of St. Germain. It adds color to your cocktails as well as a dry hibiscus flavor. No matter which cocktail you make, the following drinks perfectly pair with grenadine’s vibrant color and its sweet-tart flavor.

Jack Rose

The Jack Rose is a hit because it’s just as easy as it is breezy. This has been a favorite among American writers like Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck. The Jack Rose combines applejack with grenadine and lime juice. This classic drink is so good that it’s worth bringing back to the masses.

Tequila Sunrise

The Tequila Sunrise is so strong that you may not be able to watch the sunrise. This bubbly glass will have you enjoying orange juice late at night. Like the Jack Rose, the Tequila Sunrise has three refreshing and easy to use ingredients. Make sure to add your grenadine syrup after to make it float on top. This allows the grenadine to bleed into the drink. For this cocktail, you’ll need Blanco tequila and orange juice. Casa Noble Tequila also works well with this drink.

El Presidente

El Presidente was created by bartender Eddie Woelke at his famous Jockey Club in Havana. This cocktail is made from dry vermouth and rum and then topped off with grenadine syrup. It’s the equivalent to the Rum Martini, except it has a touch of dry curaçao. This cocktail is dry enough to enjoy before dinner on a hot summer night.

Ward 8

The Ward 8 is a take on the classic Whiskey Sour. It’s the perfect cocktail if you enjoy the taste of hibiscus flavors. This drink includes fresh lemon, orange juice, and rye whiskey. Then it’s topped off with a brandied cherry as a garnish. This drink is not only simple to make but it’s also refreshing to drink.

Bahama Mama

The Bahama Mama is a drink you’ll find at most tropical restaurants and lounges. This tropical cocktail contains coconut rum, dark rum, fresh lemon, 151 rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and Tia Maria coffee liqueur. Grenadine ties all of the flavors together with its tarty flavor as it adds its signature red color. With just one sip, you’ll know why this drink is like a mini-vacation in a glass.

Scorpion Bowl

It’s the best cocktail to use with grenadine syrup. The Scorpion Bowl is a hit at Asian restaurants. It has plenty of alcohol to warm you up inside. You only need a little bit of grenadine, but it calls for a lot of ingredients. This is one of the strongest cocktails you’ll ever order at the bar, so be careful. One sip alone can knock you out. Sometimes one drink is enough for you to experience its flavors.

The Scorpion Bowl calls for gin, orgeat, orange juice, and rum. Some versions round out the strong flavors with cognac, grenadine, pineapple juice, and white wine. It also has bitters and garnishes added to it such as fresh fruit and flowers. Some bartenders will warn you not to use a lighter around it due to the strong ingredient in this drink.

Dr. Funk

Dr. Funk is a drink that won’t put you in a funk. This bubbly cocktail is a combination of absinthe, grenadine syrup, lime juice, rum, and seltzer. It’s like drinking an island version of the Highball. The Dr. Funk cocktail was the island drink of yesteryear. German physician and mixologist Dr. Bernhard Funk made this fizzy tropical island drink when he was stationed in the South Pacific.

Grenadine is the non-alcoholic drink you need to try. This is an ingredient that you shouldn’t pass up. The list of cocktails you make with grenadine is endless. It’ll match the intensity of some of the strongest drinks like the Scorpion Bowl. It’ll also make you feel like a child thanks to its whimsical color.

Never Leave Your Phone Home When You Go on Vacation

As we look at vacation time in 2019, we should examine the things around our vacation to make it as great as possible. One of the important things that we should do is to make sure that we check all the security options at our homes when we leave them, and make sure that we bring everything we need in our suitcases to enjoy ourselves while we are away.

Most people take their phones with them on vacation because of a series of reasons. However some do not because they are afraid that their phones might be lost or stolen on vacation.

You should bring your phone with you in spite of the risk that it may be lost or stolen, for the following reasons.


Voice over IP applications like Skype allow you to utilize your phone to make phone calls from any location. It is difficult in many places to get a local number and use a standard phone line to make phone calls. However with VoIP it doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re calling from, your location is always local. This means that you can make a call to anywhere in the world from wherever you are in the world.

It is a safety device

Your phone can be your primary safety device while you are on vacation. You might be vacationing at a place that you are very familiar with, for instance a timeshare. In these vacation locations provided by companies like capital resorts group, safety is the highest concern and capital resorts group reviews show that visitors to the resorts experience the highest level of security. However if you want an unfamiliar territory we are vacationing, the telephone can be a lifeline. It provides you with immediate access to emergency services including the police, fire department and ambulance. Also just having the device in your hand gives you a level of comfort. If there is any danger noticed, you can quickly get someone to your location.

General positioning satellites (GPS)

There are a series of satellites that are coordinated to track any location of a GPS connected device. The amazing thing about GPS is that it allows you to always know your location no matter where you are. Today there are online GPS mapping software apps that can provide your location within a few yards. You can also quickly locate any landmarks, roads, and attractions that allow you to know where you are immediately. Your phone acts as a beacon, broadcasting its location to the GPS satellites. You can also send your location to emergency services and they can quickly locate you wherever you are. GPS, allows you to travel in any country and hardly ever get lost.

Your vacation documents

In addition, you can use your phone as a central location to put all your important documents for your vacation. You can load your airline tickets, and hotel reservation confirmations on your phone and always have them handy whenever you need. Most airlines and hotels will accept these documents on your phone as being authentic and accurate.

Crystal Clanton – Saving You Money on Flights

I absolutely love to travel and whenever I do so I try to do it in a way that means I spend as little as possible, and get as far away as possible. Many years ago a great friend of mine and fellow traveler Crystal Clanton, showed me the best way to make sure that I always get the cheapest flights whenever I travel, and it is something that I would like to share with all of you. Whether you are traveling in order to go exploring, for a family vacation or for business, follow these tips and you can make sure that you are getting the cheapest flights.

Credit Cards

The first point to make here for anyone who like to travel a lot or who travels a lot for business, is that you need to make sure that you are getting the most out of your credit cards. Many credit cards offer loyalty schemes and points-based systems which you can then use to save money on your travels, and I would certainly recommend doing so. The more you spend, the more you save.


Don’t discount the idea of flying from point A to B via C as this can also save you a great amount of money. Many people don’t like the idea of connecting because they think that it is a hassle but the truth is that it is very easy and it can help to save a lot of money. Last year I flew from Los Angeles to Amsterdam via Madrid, the total travel time was 13 hours and I had a 5 hour layover in Madrid, the total cost was $345. The direct flight on the same day had a travel time of just 8 hours yet the cost of that flight was $589. As you can see I was able to save over $200 and it only cost me 5 hours of my time. make sure that you check out sites such as Kayak when searching for flights with connections.


Other than using Kayak to find your connecting flights, the only other website which I would suggest that you use is Skyscanner. This website is a flight aggregator which searches the internet to find the cheapest prices. Skyscanner will check both airlines and third party sites in order to get the lowest prices out there, and I have never seen their flight prices beaten. The options on the site are brilliant and even if you don’t know what dates you plan to travel, or even if you don’t know the destination, you can use Skyscanner to find the best dates and the cheapest destinations for your trip. For me this is the ultimate website and when you use it you can see that there really is no reason to look elsewhere.

Simple tips but they can help you save huge amounts on your travel plans.

7 Crazy Facts about Dubai

Dubai, one of the seven emirates which encompass the UAE, is the most popular emirate within the UAE. Over the years this city has certainly grown in popularity and here are a few crazy facts about this amazing city which you need to know.

1: Roughly 15 – 20% Of The World’s Cranes Are Situated in This City

Due to the fact that this city continues to grow at a rapid pace, there is constant building and an active and thriving Dubai property market. Ain Dubai, located in BlueWaters Island, is one of the latest projects in Dubai and therefore, it is no shock that Dubai plays the host to a significant number of cranes when compared to any other metropolis.

2: Virtually Zero Crime

This metropolis is known as one of the safest cities. The law is essentially very strict and you’ll find that the residents strictly follow the rules. Hence, with such low rates of crime, the city makes for an ideal place for family living.

3: More Expats Than Emirati

You’ll be quite surprised that expats certainly outweigh Emirati nationals. The majority of the populace is made up of Indians followed by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis whereas only 17% of the populace is attributed to Emiratis.

4: Staggering Gender Split

With that being said, there is a staggering gender split where the men drastically outnumber the women. That is, there are roughly 70% of men compared to 30% of women.

5: Home to Majestic Structures

Bigger is certainly better in this lavish city, therefore, it’s no surprise that Dubai boasts some of the world’s tallest and biggest structures. Here you’ll find the biggest aquarium, the largest mall, the biggest flower garden and so much more. These out of the box concepts remain one of the many reasons why numerous amounts of tourists continue to visit this city year after year. The largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, can also be seen at the BlueWaters Residences Dubai!

6: No Income Tax

Attractive salaries which are not taxed is one of the main reasons why expatriates continue to flock to this amazing city. Naturally, you’ll assume that most people would save what is not taxed but you can also spend a lot of your salary enjoying everything that this city has to offer.

7: Dubai Loves Gold

Apart from being luxurious, Dubai is also known as “the city of gold”. Here you’ll also be able to find the world’s largest gold chain which makes up 22kg of gold!

Visiting Magnificent Iceland

If you are looking for a different kind of experience on your next travel destination, consider Iceland, also known as the “Land of Fire and Ice.” Easily accessible from North America or Europe, its only a few hours flight from either continent. Iceland is a Nordic island in the northern part of the Atlantic. The island contains very drastic and contrasting landscapes, including volcanoes, glaciers, lava fields, and hot springs. The first person to permanently settle in Iceland didn’t take place until 874 AD. Icelandic culture is comprised of mainly Norse and Gaelic history.

Contrary to popular belief, the climate is temperate and remains mild all year round, in part due to the Gulf stream. In the lower areas of the island, like the capital city Reykjavik, it can change from rain to snow quickly and is usually windy in the winter months. The northern part of the island is where you will find more ice and snow since it is closer to the Arctic. Also, keep in mind that during the winter months you will only get about 5 hours of daylight. During the summer months, you will experience almost 24 hours of daylight. When choosing clothes to take, always bring warm and water-resistant clothing. Make sure to bring good, sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots that are also water-resistant. But on the other side, be sure to bring your bathing suit to enjoy the geothermal pools that dot the island. If you choose to visit in winter, be sure to bring thermal clothing as well.

When deciding on things to do and see, one must be sure to check out the northern lights. From September to April, you can witness a natural phenomenon called aurora borealis which is an incredible light show display in the night sky. There are also active volcanoes that you can experience. Due to most of Iceland’s inhabitants living in one area, much of the island in rugged and wild. Iceland is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Another unique and breath-taking tourist attraction here is whale watching. During the summer months, whales come to these waters to feed, making it a perfect destination for whale watching. You can also try your hand at ice climbing. The island offers beautiful and scenic hiking routes as well as caves to explore.

Depending on what you plan to do and see, most tourists agree that visiting Iceland during the springtime is the best time to go. The weather gets mild and the snow starts to melt revealing the lush green landscape underneath. Also, you will get more daylight hours. If your main goal is to experience the northern lights, then you may want to go during the end of the winter. When it comes to saving money on your trip, there are some key factors to consider. Iceland uses the currency krona or (ISK) and it’s a good idea to check the currency rate beforehand to know what your money will be worth there. Try to create a budget for yourself before you arrive. Be sure to include everything needed on your trip.

  1. Flights
  2. Room and board (hotels, hostels, bed, and breakfasts)
  3. Transportation (buses, car rental Iceland, bike rentals, etc.)
  4. Meals and dining
  5. Tours and outdoor activities
  6. Souvenirs
  7. Any extras like snacks, rental gear, sightseeing tours, etc.

Another way to save some money is to travel to Iceland during their offseason. Peak months mean higher price tags on activities and hotel accommodations. Also, you might want to look into lodging possibilities that are off the beaten path. This may help you to save a little more as well.

Visiting Iceland is a unique experience like no other; a magical place filled with rich history, legends, and folklore alike. The people who live here are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Also, while visiting this island, you may just run into a troll or elf as well! Natural beauty and wonder make Iceland a place to see. Whether you come for the geothermal springs, northern lights, or the active volcanoes, Iceland is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Visit Iceland and create memories that will stand the test of time.

Tips for Investing In California Land

California is one of the largest and most diverse states in America. Widely known for its redwood trees, breathtaking ocean views, and temperate weather, it has a great deal to offer people who are looking to own property in the state.

While the state has quite a diverse topography, almost all the state has a temperate climate. This is one of the major draws to the state for most people who want to live or establish a business in the state. The state has become a thriving area for both ranching and agricultural usage. This is, in part, because of the vast amounts of open land in the state and the climate which is conducive to year-round harvests and easier ranching.

However, the state boasts a wealth of open land for residential, recreational, tourism and commercial real estate uses as well. Unlike some of the neighboring states, much of California is filled with fertile land that is perfect for a wide variety of uses.

California Land Overview

In the southern end of the state, there is a wide and diverse use of land for wine growing as well as a host of other agricultural products. The region in between San Diego and Sacramento is filled with a wide variety of commercial and tourist uses with some agricultural and rural uses mixed in. Much of the northern part of the state has a focus on tourism and private ranches with agricultural uses infused within.

For people who are looking to invest in land, you can always find California land for sale for almost every type of use. People who are looking to invest in land to develop in California should begin the process by assessing what their usage will be and find the region in the state that would be most conducive for this usage. As with any investment of property, it is always essential to ensure the land can be developed for the desired purpose before purchasing.

Defining The Land Need and Usage

Because the vacant land in the state is as diverse as it is vast, investors should be certain that they work closely with realtors and zoning officials from the region they are interested in. This is the best way to be certain their desired usage can work for the area of the state they are considering. Additionally, since each property is diverse in its topography, water levels, and soil composites, these issues should be addressed before purchasing.

On a personal level, the state has a wide variety of political and religious landscapes with a great deal of cultural diversity. Land investors will find no shortage of areas that may fall well within the ideal of what they are looking for in their own personal homestead. The most important first step in investing in California open land is beginning to define what are the most important aspects of the property to be invested in and what purpose will it serve.

Land Investors should begin to define their land needs through the following steps:

  • Look for a Region Conducive to the Usage
  • Verify Zoning Allows the Type of Usage for the Land Being Considered
  • For Larger Tracts of Land, Get Topography Maps of the Land
  • Verify Water Supply for the Property
  • Check the Region’s Wildfire Prevention Plans
  • Verify Primary Tax Usage and Taxation from The Local Municipality
  • Verify Land Egress and Accessibility
  • For All Agricultural Usage- Check Land Soil Types
  • Get to Know the Community It Falls Within

Once these steps are taken, investors can feel a sense of confidence in the land they are purchasing for their particular usage. Working directly with a realtor that knows the area can often be very helpful in ensuring your interests are protected in the purchase. The good news is there is a large amount of available land throughout the state, so there is no worry that a shortage of opportunities will occur.

It should be noted for larger tracts of land that topography maps can be essential. In most cases, people who purchase larger tracts of land do not get to see all the land. Ensuring that it is quality usable land can usually be done by getting topography maps, aerial maps and completing a land tour.