Classic British Cuisine to Try When You’re In The UK

One of the most exciting aspects of visiting a new country is trying some of the local foods on offer. It is criminal to visit Italy and not enjoy some handmade pasta, or not to try tacos in Mexico, burgers in the USA or Dim Sum in China, you get the drift.

If you are heading to the UK then you are going to be in for a culinary treat regardless of where you go. If you are flying in then you’ll find the best prices on flights to London on, and London is of course the best place to base yourself in the UK. You may be surprised at the wide range of classic British meals which you can find there, many know that the country is famed for fish and chips but beyond that there are so many great and hearty British meals and desserts to try, and we have put together some of the meals which you can’t leave before you have tried.

Toad in the Hole

The creatively named toad-in-the-hole is a filling and hearty meal which has traditional British sausages which have been cooked into a large Yorkshire pudding and bathed in gravy. To the uninitiated amongst you a Yorkshire pudding is usually a small side dish which is made using baked batter and resembles a dumpling in form. In this dish however the Yorkshire pudding is supersized and then filled up with tasty pork sausages.

Scotch Egg

Another great dish which you can find throughout the country in delis and bakeries is the Scotch Egg, a perfect snack. This snack is made using a hard boiled egg which is then coated in sausage-meat and a soft breadcrumbs.

Sunday Roast

The quintessential meal for a Sunday afternoon with the family is the Sunday Roast, a tradition which dates back centuries and which you’ll still find on dinner tables throughout the country every Sunday. This is simply a piece of meat which has been roasted, usually pork or beef, which is then served with vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, turnip and carrots, accompanied by roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and lashings of meat gravy. The perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon.


Anyone familiar with the regal tradition of high tea will have heard about the scones which accompany the tea and these are another delicious snack which are perfect with a hot drink. Scones are made using flour, salt, butter, sugar, salt and eggs which are mixed together and baked in the oven to form fluffy and dense cakes which melt in the mouth. You can get many varieties of scones which have been filled with fruits such as raisins and cranberries. A cup of tea wouldn’t be the same without them.

Steak and Ale Pie

You will find a huge range of pies wherever you go in the UK and each county or city will have their own versions. The classic pie option however is the steak and ale pie, a perfect dish to warm you up in the cold UK climate. The pie is made with soft, flaky pastry which is filled with steak pieces which have been slow cooked in gravy and a rich ale sauce, normally made using Guinness. Additional touches can be found such as carrots and cheese, and this is one of those dishes which you’ll only find in the UK, a real classic which you have to try.

Eton Mess

This refreshingly named dish is a dessert which you will find throughout the country, and whilst it does look like a mess, it tastes absolutely delicious. The Eton Mess is also a very simple dish which features just 4 ingredients, double cream, fresh British strawberries, meringue pieces and some fresh mint. As you can imagine, the dish is made by whipping up all of the ingredients and then serving it just as it comes, totally messy and absolutely gorgeous.

Shepherd’s Pie

Another dish which will warm you up on those cold nights – noticing a theme here? Is the British classic Shepherd’s Pie. Unlike most pies this one doesn’t use pastry and instead is topped with soft and creamy mash potatoes. Made using minced lamb with gravy and vegetables, this combination is cooked off and placed in an oven proof dish. The mash potato is then layered on top of the meat and it is cooked in a hot oven so that the mash becomes crispy on top, soft underneath. Cheese is added to the top of the pie at the end of cooking and the mixture of flavors and textures is simply glorious.

Naturally you should also ensure that you try fish and chips during your time in the UK, but as you can see there is plenty more than just that to try out.

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