Fantastic Holiday Ideas For 2019

Now that spring is well and truly on its way, it’s time for many people to start thinking about those spring break or summer holidays. Both are coming up quickly and some places that are popular around the world sell out months in advance, so it pays to shop around early. If you’re one of those people who is dying to get away from it all this year to a far flung locale to just kick back, relax and maybe participate in a couple of activities, you might be wondering just where to go. Here are a couple of truly great getaway suggestions to help get your plans started.


The bustling and popular coastal city of Malaga in mainland Spain is one of the most popular options for holidaymakers from around Europe. Malaga is home to some impressive sandy stretches of beach that attract sun worshippers to enjoy the sea breeze from their sun beds with cocktails in hand. The city also has two impressive hilled castles – the Alcazaba and the Gibralafaro – both of which offer impressive views over the city and the sea. You can hire a car at Malaga airport to get around the city, or take a day trip to neighbouring Seville, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, for a look at inland Spanish culture and impressive Moorish architecture.


This beautiful Greek island to the west of the mainland is a unique place where people come from all over Europe to explore old walled fortress cities alongside azure coloured waters, dotted with impressive yachts. Harbourside restaurants serve up the most delicious fresh fish and local dishes such as souvlaki, with bowls of local olives on offer. The Greek food is, in a word, amazing and Corfu is one of the best places to sample it due to its location and the local production of many items right on the island.


The doorstep of both Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the gateway to so many different countries and cultures. This beautiful, welcoming city has become a huge tourist attraction in recent years due to the history, the culture, the hospitality and the scenery. With sunsets featuring beautiful mosques such as the Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque as silhouettes amid streets lined with local tavernas serving up local cuisine and beers such as Efes, it’s easy to see why Istanbul has become so popular for those looking for culture, romance and something a bit more exotic.


If you’re looking for exotic, Morocco has you covered. From the Atlantic coastal town of Essouira with its daily fresh fish and mazes of bazaars to the ancient leather dyeing vats of the city of Fes, Morocco has a bit of everything for everyone. Book a Sahara desert tour to sleep amid the sand dunes with tribesmen from the Berber people, ride camels and gaze at the Milky Way. Stay in a luxury riad amid the the mazes of souks in Marrakech, shop with the locals at the spice merchants and visit the intricate and incredible Saadian tombs of ancient Moroccan royalty before taking a hammam at one of the local spas. Morocco honestly does have you covered if you’re looking for something to whet your exotic appetite.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate adventurous getaway this year or you just want to kick back on the beaches of the Mediterranean, hopefully this brief article all about some of the best getaway destinations will help you make a choice you won’t soon regret!

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