7 of the Best Tropical Drinks to Make with Grenadine

Grenadine sounds like a hardcore punk band. There is already an indie band that goes by the name. It’s the perfect flavor to use in your cocktails while rocking out to one of their songs. While grenadine isn’t as punk rock as it sounds, it’s still one of the most important additives for cocktails. Almost any drink can be made with grenadine syrup.

Grenadine is a type of sweet syrup that’s made from pomegranates. Think of it as a non-alcoholic version of St. Germain. It adds color to your cocktails as well as a dry hibiscus flavor. No matter which cocktail you make, the following drinks perfectly pair with grenadine’s vibrant color and its sweet-tart flavor.

Jack Rose

The Jack Rose is a hit because it’s just as easy as it is breezy. This has been a favorite among American writers like Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck. The Jack Rose combines applejack with grenadine and lime juice. This classic drink is so good that it’s worth bringing back to the masses.

Tequila Sunrise

The Tequila Sunrise is so strong that you may not be able to watch the sunrise. This bubbly glass will have you enjoying orange juice late at night. Like the Jack Rose, the Tequila Sunrise has three refreshing and easy to use ingredients. Make sure to add your grenadine syrup after to make it float on top. This allows the grenadine to bleed into the drink. For this cocktail, you’ll need Blanco tequila and orange juice. Casa Noble Tequila also works well with this drink.

El Presidente

El Presidente was created by bartender Eddie Woelke at his famous Jockey Club in Havana. This cocktail is made from dry vermouth and rum and then topped off with grenadine syrup. It’s the equivalent to the Rum Martini, except it has a touch of dry curaçao. This cocktail is dry enough to enjoy before dinner on a hot summer night.

Ward 8

The Ward 8 is a take on the classic Whiskey Sour. It’s the perfect cocktail if you enjoy the taste of hibiscus flavors. This drink includes fresh lemon, orange juice, and rye whiskey. Then it’s topped off with a brandied cherry as a garnish. This drink is not only simple to make but it’s also refreshing to drink.

Bahama Mama

The Bahama Mama is a drink you’ll find at most tropical restaurants and lounges. This tropical cocktail contains coconut rum, dark rum, fresh lemon, 151 rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and Tia Maria coffee liqueur. Grenadine ties all of the flavors together with its tarty flavor as it adds its signature red color. With just one sip, you’ll know why this drink is like a mini-vacation in a glass.

Scorpion Bowl

It’s the best cocktail to use with grenadine syrup. The Scorpion Bowl is a hit at Asian restaurants. It has plenty of alcohol to warm you up inside. You only need a little bit of grenadine, but it calls for a lot of ingredients. This is one of the strongest cocktails you’ll ever order at the bar, so be careful. One sip alone can knock you out. Sometimes one drink is enough for you to experience its flavors.

The Scorpion Bowl calls for gin, orgeat, orange juice, and rum. Some versions round out the strong flavors with cognac, grenadine, pineapple juice, and white wine. It also has bitters and garnishes added to it such as fresh fruit and flowers. Some bartenders will warn you not to use a lighter around it due to the strong ingredient in this drink.

Dr. Funk

Dr. Funk is a drink that won’t put you in a funk. This bubbly cocktail is a combination of absinthe, grenadine syrup, lime juice, rum, and seltzer. It’s like drinking an island version of the Highball. The Dr. Funk cocktail was the island drink of yesteryear. German physician and mixologist Dr. Bernhard Funk made this fizzy tropical island drink when he was stationed in the South Pacific.

Grenadine is the non-alcoholic drink you need to try. This is an ingredient that you shouldn’t pass up. The list of cocktails you make with grenadine is endless. It’ll match the intensity of some of the strongest drinks like the Scorpion Bowl. It’ll also make you feel like a child thanks to its whimsical color.