Universal Studios – Theme Park To The Stars


If you’ve been looking for a great family holiday that everyone can enjoy, you might be considering heading off to Florida. Even if this is a destination you’re familiar with you might be interested to learn a little bit more in detail about some of the world’s most popular theme parks that make this state their home. It’s easy to turn up and enjoy the rides and other delights of the theme parks, but what if you want to know more? Read ahead to see just why  the whole family will love Universal Studios on your next trip to the Sunshine State.

The History Of The Park

You might be surprised and interested to know that one of the co-founders of Universal Studios is Steven Spielberg. The park itself was intended to be a theme park combined with working studio and had been in the planning stages beginning in 1982. Over four years the park was planned and designed, but production halted in 1986 in favour of working on two rides – Back To The Future simulator and a King Kong ride. These helped Spielberg realise just how well the park could do if it were set up and well placed to compete with its neighbours Disney World and SeaWorld, thus creating the Universal Studios we know today with its rides based on famous films and TV. The land was purchased and cleared in 1986 and eventually the park was opened on June 7, 1990 after several delays, some of which were attributed to Nickelodeon getting involved and purchasing part of the park to create their own studio.


Today the park has been running for over thirty years and have seen numerous rides come and go with the popularity of the films they are associated with. Some of the earliest rides incorporated such 80s classics as Jaws and Back To The Future with old rides taken away and replaced with new, up to date ideas. Some aspects of old classics remain – such as the shark from Jaws that you can have your photo with. Over the years other rides and attractions such as The Blues Brothers Show, Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster, Twister- Ride It Out and E.T Adventure. Since 2000 more contemporary rides including Men In Black – Alien Attack, Shrek 4-D, Revenge of the Mummy, and The Simpsons Ride.

One of the most popular movie franchises of all time, Harry Potter was incorporated into the park in 2014 with a whole section dedicated to Diagon Alley replacing the Amity Harbour and Jaws sections of the park which were phased out. Today The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Diagon Alley is one of the most popular portions of the whole park.

So if you’re one of those people who absolutely loves film and TV and you want to get up close and personal to some of your favourites, Universal Studios is the place for you. Skip the queue and buy your tickets online and then get ready for an action packed holiday that you won’t soon forget in sunny and fabulous Florida.


Fascinating Fun for All – Visit Florida Today


When thinking of holiday destinations that will suit anyone, there’s no better option to put on the list than Florida. It’s the place that offers a range of activities, exhilarating experiences, and memories that’ll never be forgotten. This south-eastern U.S state is surrounded by breath-taking beaches, and it radiates not only the sun, but the flavoursome Latin-American culture that everyone craves for. It’s a port of call with charisma, so don’t miss out on visiting this location. Enjoy a Florida holiday today.  Here are some things you can do during your time there.

Bathe on the Beach

If there’s one thing this state is known for, it’s the beaches.  Many enjoy the luxury of picking out their most colourful swimsuits, and lazing around on the pleasantly pristine sands of Florida’s beaches, where the sun is very rarely reserved.  Tranquil and tantalising experiences meet here; these beaches will definitely leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out of their many popular pursuits.

South Beach is one neighbourhood in Florida that provides and array of upscale beaches. You can skinny dip in your skimpy bikini’s, and be wined a dined by the classic cocktails on offer.  There are notorious nightclubs dotted along these beaches too, so after you‘ve reached the peak of relaxation, you can dance till you drop. It’s no wonder Miami boasts one of the hottest real estate market’s in the country. With experiences like these, it will turn you from tourist, to resident, your first visit.

Tour the Theme Parks

Lively and fun filled experiences are not lacking at this destination. Do you want to relive some childhood memories, and have your children make some? There’s a selection of Theme parks that can make that happen.  Trade your money for a magical experience, and see how your kids react to all the rollercoaster rides.

Walt Disney World is an entertainment complex that will do exactly what it says on the tin, take you to a whole new world. A world of your most loved movies, full of the characters you were fascinated with in your childhood.  Sprightly sensations, and joyful journeys are around every corner, don’t miss out on this unprecedented place.

Get Attracted to the Attractions

There are many other celestial sites to behold, and they’re not just found in the theme parks. With many attractions that are alluring, and that leave you amazed, nothing should hold you back from taking it all in.

One attraction that is extremely fascinating and not very often mention is Flamingo Gardens.  This Eden of birds and beauty is a sight to behold. Let the pink feathered Flamingos take your breath away, as you interact with them in a way you’ve never done before. You could feed the birds or bask in the 60 acres of tropical paradise.  This spot is just one spectacular attraction out of the many that Florida has to parade.

Savour the Many Flavours

Florida has a colourful collection of cuisines to present. Dive into the diverse dishes on offer, from a Latin American lunch, to the authentic American diners; these culinary classics will leave you longing for more.