Essentials For Moving Day


So you have made the decision to move house and you’re looking into the main things you need to make sure your moving day goes perfectly and according to plan. Moving is stressful for so many people so it’s always a good idea to have a bit of a list to check off all the essentials for your big move to leave nothing to chance. Here are a couple of things that should definitely be on the list for the move.


Most moving days come around and people realise there is a lot more junk and garbage than they thought there would be and they don’t have time to keep ushering car loads of rubbish to and from the dump. This is where a removals van comes in handy, which you can hire through websites such as Shiply, where a number of people or small businesses in your local area advertise and provide quotes all in one place so you can compare prices and find some that not only does what you need, but fits your budget too.

Leases, Walkthroughs and Keys

These might go without saying but a number of people don’t actually have their rental lease copy on the day of the move. If renting another useful thing to have a copy of is the preliminary walk through done by the letting agent or both of you together to highlight any potential damages in the property as well as scuffed flooring, scraped walls and the like to ensure you won’t be held responsible when you move out if they aren’t fixed. Keys also sounds like a no brainer but it can be a serious stress and a pain if you haven’t gotten the keys in advance of your move in date and you have to run around looking for whoever has them – especially if they can’t be found! Pre-plan to get the keys at least a day in advance if possible, or know where the person with the keys will be and arrange a time to pick them up.


Another point that may sound like a no brainer is insurance, but many people don’t actually get their insurance in place prior to their move. It may take your insurance company a week or two to get the insurance all sorted out and moved over to the new property so make sure you get in contact with them in advance of your move to see what they need in order to insure your new place – especially if you have been buying and selling a home where any number of things can go wrong with the property and you’re the one on the hook! Insurance for renters typically covers only contents, so getting this in advance of your move can be a good idea as well.

So there you have a couple of key components that you really should have put on a moving day list to ensure the whole day goes off without a hitch. Moving is stressful enough, so by organising these things in advance you will save yourself tons of headache. Good luck!