Florida man june 12

Florida is known to be weird, and these Florida man June 13 stories prove it. It isn’t too much of a surprise that they have their wonky superhero, Florida Man.

Unlike most superheroes, though, Florida Man does the weirdest things. Take a look at some of the things that Florida Man has done on June 13.

Florida Man June 13

Florida Man June 13 – Test My Drugs

A man in Florida wasn’t entirely confident that his meth was good. He had a bad trip on his supply a week ago, and instead of tossing it out, he had a visit from the excellent idea fairies.

He decided it would be a great idea to call the cops and ask them to test his meth for him. The police promptly arrested the daft Florida man. 

Rape of the Pool Toys

On June 13, Police stopped a Florida man riding his bike and acting suspiciously. When they searched his belongings, they found that he had about 75 pool floats in a trash bag.

When they asked him where he got them, he reported stealing them. That isn’t the weirdest part. This is a Florida man’s story, after all.

When they asked Florida Man why he stole so many pool floats, he said he stole them to fornicate with them instead of raping people. The officers charged the Florida man with theft and burglary.

We feel sorry for all the things those poor pool floats saw.


Florida Man has been up to some crazy stuff, but the show will never be over. Make sure to look at some of the other days we have covered. You never know what you might find. Florida Man still manages to surprise us.

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