Florida Man September 25- A Real Shocker

We meet again today for Florida man September 25, only five days before the end of the month.

While people celebrated World Literacy Day, a Florida Man did something we’ve never imagined.

Read the full stories below, from climbing an active electric pole to being a culprit in a shooting accident.

Florida Man September 25, 2019 – Burned After Touching Live Wire While Climbing An Electric Pole

Lauderhill, Florida.: A Florida man suffered a horrific accident after a live wire electrocuted him while he climbed a live telephone pole.

Rescuers found the badly burned man after he fell 50 feet from the top of the pole.

This graphic accident happened in the afternoon while the road was still pretty busy.

Bystanders watched the whole thing. From when he climbed the pole, got electrocuted, and fell from above. 

The bystanders called the fire rescue and arrived immediately, finding the man burning on the ground.

Rescuers took the man directly to the hospital. According to the report, the man suffered from burns on 60% of his body. 

Many thought he was an electrician, but he was just a Florida man.

Florida Man September 25

Florida Man September 25, 2019 – Arrested After A Given Statement from His Own 4 Years Old Daughter.

Miami, Florida — On September 25, a 26-year-old Florida man, Hector Reyes, faced felony charges after a shooting that happened during a verbal argument.

The man denied it at first. However, his daughter spontaneously told a story to the contrary. She told the police her father ‘was shooting.’

The story began when Reyes and his family went on a trip to visit another family.

Reyes saw the victim making strange gestures toward his wife and daughter.

Furious, he and his brother-in-law confronted the man and got into an argument. A nasty argument.

Everything seemed fine when Reyes decided to go back to his car. However, Reyes decided to pull out his gun and shoot the man, fatally wounding him.

Police chased the vehicle according to the information the witnesses gave.

When police confronted the Florida man, Reyes denied all the accusations, but something unexpected happened.

His daughter said that her father was the shooter in the senseless crime. The mother said that the daughter didn’t know what she was saying. 

The mother added another alibi: the daughter always likes to tell made-up stories.

The police disregarded the mother’s explanation and arrested Reyes on felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon and possessing a deadly weapon. The man also faced counts of felony child abuse.

Although the facts were already known, Reyes insisted that he wasn’t involved in any way. 

Final Thoughts

And that’s the story of what Florida Man did on September 25.

We may agree on one thing by seeing the stories we’ve just presented above. Be always careful with your life.

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