These three Florida man June 28 stories really show just how weird things can get down in Florida.

These three Florida man June 28 stories show how weird things can get in Florida.

Florida Man is constantly doing something, whether it is illegal or just plain weird, it seems like he is here to entertain us.

Today, we will examine some things that Florida Man did on June 28th.

Florida Man June 28 : Can’t Pay his Jail Ride.

On June 28, 2018, Police released our beloved Florida man, Charles Folk, 40, from the county jail.

However, Florida Man didn’t make it very far afterward. Soon after the jail released our Florida man, he called for a taxi, and that taxi drove him home.

When they got home, the driver realized that Florida Man had no money to pay for the ride.

When the cops responded, Florida Man ended up going back to jail. His previous charge was for criminal mischief, and now he has a charge for petty theft.

The total cost of the ride? $70. You used to get a bus ticket back home after jail back in the day.

Florida Man June 28: The Pleasuring Pickle

On June 28th, Police caught a Florida man, Eric Detiege, 47, outside of a bathroom on private property.

Officers stated that the Florida Man was laying on his back with nothing but his shirt and was using an uneaten pickle to pleasure himself.

A deputy stated that “he had his penis in one hand and a large uneaten pickle in the other.”

Police stated that this had to be one of the most unusual public exposure cases the area had seen.

Officers arrested the Florida Man. A judge sentenced him to 92 days in the Pinellas County Jail, with additional fines of over $500.

According to court documents, Detiege has been arrested over 50 times since the mid-90s

A more critical question, we wonder what happened to the pickle. Hopefully, someone threw the poor pickle in the garbage. Otherwise…

Florida Man June 28

June 28th Florida Man Punches a Swan.

A Florida man decided it would be a great idea to punch a swan. The homeless man, Sor Angel Velez, was at Lake Eola Park when he decided it was a great idea to fight the swan.

He had stepped too close to the swan’s babies, and she reached for him. The punch injured the swan, but it is unknown how badly.

The state gave the Florida man some jail time as a punishment. The judge has also banned the man from the park.

We hope the swan and her babies are okay.


While June 28th had some interesting stories, these are just the tip of the iceberg. You can take a look at many more stories of Florida Man .

We have various other days in history that we have covered to read even more interesting Florida Man stories.

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