Florida Man September 23

Today we are going to take a look at Florida man September 23. September 23 is just like any other day in the life of a Florida man… crazy!

Is September 23 your birthday? If so, keep reading to find out how Florida man celebrated your big day.

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Florida Man September 23, 2021 – Florida Man Arrested In An Attempt to Trade in a Vehicle He Stole from The Dealership

Lake City, Florida.: A Florida man tried to trade in a vehicle he stole from the same dealership.

The Lake City Police Department received a report of a stolen car at the Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership in Lake City.

The employees told the authorities that a man, a Florida Man, was trying to trade in the stolen vehicle for a new one. 

After checking the VIN, the employee found that the vehicle was stolen from the same dealership long ago.

During the police investigation, the authorities found that the man had stolen the car. He even admitted to it. The dealership’s CCTV captured the entire event. 

Shortly after, the police arrested the Florida man and charged him with grand theft and criminal mischief.

Florida Man September 23

Florida Man September 23, 2020 – A Florida Man Stole Cat Blood from a Local Clinic

St. Augustine, Florida. – A Florida man has stolen cat blood from a local veterinarian clinic. Security cameras captured the entire event on video.

The video shows the Florida man in question wearing a shirt and walking straight into the Anastasia Cat Clinic. The sheriff’s office shared the picture on their social media. 

The video revealed the culprit checking the blood box before disappearing from the scene. Not long after, the man came back with his truck and took the box with him.

Within the box, there were four bottles of cat blood, according to the report. After the man took the box and put it inside his car, he left immediately. The event caused a $600 financial loss for the clinic.

Florida Man September 23, 2021 – Florida Man Deny The Drugs Wrapped Around His Private Area Are His

Clearwater, Florida. – In another absurd story, a Florida man denies possession of drugs found on his person.

This typically would not be strange enough to mention. However, the drugs Florida man was denying happened to be wrapped around and taped to his genitals.

The story began after police pulled the man over for driving with his lights off at around 4 in the morning. This is when the police found methamphetamine and cocaine inside his pants.

After a quick pat-down, the officers found the drugs wrapped around his genitals.

However, the driver insisted the drugs were not his. Even though they were tied to his body.

Unsurprisingly the police did not buy his story. Officers then took the man into custody and charged him with drug possession. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see in the stories above, Florida Man has a unique way of thinking. Or maybe of not thinking. From trying his best to trade his stolen car for another within the same dealership to hiding drugs around his private part.

Anything could happen at this point. And let us meet again on another absurd day featuring none other than Florida Man!

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