The 8th of the month, the first of the second week and we still have the right stories to get you through your day. What happened to our Florida Man March 8 and how did he get himself into trouble this time?

What happened to our Florida Man March 8, and how did he get into trouble this time? We still have the right stories to get you through your day on the 8th of the month, the first of the second week. Read these stories of trips or temper that made them our Florida Man.

Florida Man March 8, 2019 – Crashed the Wrong House while Crashing from Meth

LAKE COUNTY, Fla.- This Florida Man is 40-year-old Craig McDonald. McDonald is now behind bars. After a homeowner caught him sleeping inside his house.

The homeowner, Michelle Oakley, told Wesh-TV that McDonald had just come into her house casually and crashed on the first couch as he entered the doorway without even knocking or buzzing. “I said, ‘excuse me, do you belong here? Where are you supposed to be? You are in the wrong house, dude”.

Deputies responded to the complaint and arrived at the house. While they were trying to wake up McDonald, he kicked one of them and punch the other deputy. Deputies had to use a taser on him before arresting him. He is now facing charges of trespassing and battery of an officer on a $51,000 bond.

Florida Man March 8

Florida Man March 8, 2020 – Punches an Old Lady Who Gave Him a Middle Finger

This Florida Man is a retired police officer from Cape Coral. Police arrested him when he admitted to punching an old woman inside a store.

According to his statement in the police report, 73-year-old Gary Chapman and a 64-year-old lady named Barbara Reynolds first crossed paths in the parking lot of the Publix store on Hancock Bridge Highway. It was 12:40 PM. Reynolds was stopped and waiting for a free parking space. Chapman began honking loudly and annoyingly coming from behind. Reynolds didn’t like it, so she threw her middle finger in the air for Chapman as his car passed by.

To her surprise, while Reynolds was already inside the store and already fallen in line in the pharmacy to fill up her prescription when Chapman was already approaching and yelling at her. She identified him as the man in the car, so she yelled back and gave him the middle finger again.

The woman raised her hand to him. So he decided to slug her in the face. He stated that he was caught on a terrible day. He said he was frustrated due to not having private time with his wife.

Next, he refused to be handcuffed. So an officer had to put him to the ground and take him to custody.

The court released him on bond. However, Reynolds is still serious about pressing charges. 


There you go! The 8th day of the month and an addition to the list of adventures of trip and temper of our Florida Man. If you like these stories, you’re probably curious as to what Florida Man did yesterday. Find out about it here!

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