Florida Man February 3

Florida man February 3 bring us two stories of men abusing 911. We all learned not to abuse 911 in primary school. However they must not be teaching that down in the sunshine state.

See the full stories below:

Florida Man February 3, 2021 – Called 911 For a Taxi

Port Richey, Florida. — Police arrested a Florida Man with an unusual face tattoo after he misused 911 for his interest.

As you may know, 911 is the number to call when an emergency occurs. Most situations that need 911 calls are either life and death situations or an immediate threat to one’s health or property. 

Although proper usage here seems obvious, some people still call 911 for pranks and other purposes far from its intended use, including this Florida Man.

The man with a tattoo on his forehead called 911 for a very absurd reason. 

Matthew Leatham is the Florida man the Pasco County officers arrested. So, what did he do?

According to the police report, Leatham called an emergency service for a ride back home. However, he didn’t bother even to ask nicely. Instead, he cursed at the responder while doing so.

The officers approached the man and offered him a taxi ride. However, the man refused and said he didn’t have any money.

Police arrested him immediately for misusing the emergency service and marijuana possession.

Florida Man February 3, 2022- Threatening Firefighter Responders with a Metal Pipe.

Police arrested a middle-aged Florida man after he threated first responders with a blunt weapon in Bunnel, Florida.

Giving gratitude to first responders is what people, in general, would do after getting help from them. However, this was not the case when it comes to our Florida man. Instead of saying “thank you,” he threatened them with a metal pipe.

However, the story isn’t as dark as we’ve imagined. It’s more like a misunderstanding between the responsible paramedics and the drunken man. Yes, the Florida Man here is John Bennin (55), who called the paramedics because of a medical emergency.

After the firefighters and paramedics came to the house, they soon realized Benning wasn’t sober. The smell of alcohol can be smellt everywhere, especially on him.

He told the paramedics that his brother’s spouse poisoned him. His brother’s reaction to this, however, was quite surprising. He told the paramedics that his brother was simply overreacting. 

When the brother was about to be checked by the paramedics, he was triggered and began yelling at them. This whole situation made Benning panic. He grabbed the metal pipe and tried to swing it to the paramedics. 

Benning was told to drop the weapon shortly after, and the officers came and arrested him for assault and misuse of an emergency call. 

Final Thoughts

Calling 911 is always a serious matter, so don’t misuse it for something ridiculous like tehse Florida men did. 

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