Florida Man September 14

And now we’re here on Florida man September 14, the same day the Moon looked astonishing back in 2021 during the First Quarter phase.

But of course, we’re not going to talk about that because there’s always something Florida Man did to write about.

So, what did he exactly do? See the full stories below!

Florida Man September 14

Florida Man September 14, 2018 – A Shirtless Florida Man has Seen Head Banging During Hurricane Florence.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – A Florida man caught the attention of his neighbors because he was seen head-banging and shirtless during Hurricane Florence.

You may remember this man as he already went viral before this incident. In his original rise to internet stardom, he was shirtless and head banging in a video filmed during Hurricane Matthew.

The man, Lane Pittman, has uploaded a similar video on Twitter, only this time it was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In the post, he described himself as the Florida Man. Indeed he was. He even stated that the Hurricane was weak and small compared to him.

His action was based on the GoFundMe campaign he held before to pay for coffee and gas. Anthony Wood donated $15 and commented, “The Cane must be Slain.”

The campaign had successfully received $380 worth of donations.

Since there’s no crime in his act, police did not charge or apprehend him for anything.

Florida man has proved many times that just being dumb is no crime.

Florida Man September 14, 2014 – Man Sticks A Chainsaw Down His Shorts

Now, is it possible to stick a chainsaw in your pants? It turns out it’s possible, and Florida Man proved it was indeed doable.

According to a surveillance video posted by Port St. Lucie police, a man shoplifted an item that wasn’t typical.

He came to the Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment for a change for a dollar, based on the report published by the police.

While the cashier focused on doing their job, the man picked up a Stihl chainsaw, which had a value of around $600, and left it on a bicycle.

You must remember that the man ‘stored’ the chainsaw in his shorts. How is that possible? Only he can know.

However, back to the story, he did it by just calmly putting the chainsaw down his shorts and covering it with his shirt, and just like that.

Unfortunately, the saw remained off, resulting in more Florida man stories in the future.

Realizing what had happened, the employees then chased the man, who turned out to be Anthony Ballard (28).

In a panic, Ballard threw away the chainsaw into a wooded lot around Southwest Molloy Street; then, he got away and escaped the scene.

The workers recovered the chainsaw shortly after, but the police couldn’t find Ballard’s whereabouts.

About half an hour to 40 minutes later, the Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment staff called 911, telling the officer they had successfully spotted the thief.

They said he was in the woods located along Southwest Molloy Street. Police managed to apprehend Ballard quickly after that.

Based on his statement, he threw the chainsaw away in the woods. But after that, he suddenly realized his wrongdoing and decided to return the chainsaw to the store.

Police charged Ballard, who was homeless then, with grand larceny.

Final Thoughts

September 14 was indeed a great day for Florida Man. Pittman was showing the world that a man could do anything he wants in life, as long as he’s not doing any terrible things to anybody.

However, although Ballard did something wrong, he had this moment of realization, which indicates that he still has a good part of him inside.

No matter what you do, be sure to live your life to the fullest. But, be sure not to hurt or make someone in the process.

Thanks for joining us for another day in the life of Florida man. If you would like to read more about Florida man, check some of our other posts.

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