These three stories from Florida man July 6 will definitely make you wonder what's going on down there in Florida.

These three stories from Florida man July 6 will make you wonder what’s going on down there in Florida.

Florida Man is a legend. A legend that the world isn’t sure we want to have or not.

Do you want to know why people aren’t sure Florida Man is the hero we wanted?

Look at what Florida Man got himself into on July 6th. Even we are surprised sometimes.

Florida Man July 6: Visits North Carolina

When you steal a car, you should probably be able to drive it, especially when you are stealing a car as easy to spot as a TV news car.

While in North Carolina, Florida, Man stole a TV news car, and it wasn’t long before police started chasing him. 

The chase ended when the Florida Man crashed into a police car and ran on foot. Police caught the man shortly after he bailed from the vehicle.

Florida Man can’t keep his trouble to his state. Instead, he has to bring it to other states too.

Florida Man July 6: Keeps Wife in Freezer

Florida Man’s wife passed away, and while he may have been sad, he had another thing on his mind.

The man didn’t want to lose out on her social security checks.

Instead of reporting her death, he hid her in his freezer for eight years. Her body was only found after Florida Man committed suicide.

The eight years of hiding her body cost social security almost $100,000. The Federal Government required the deceased’s family to forfeit their condo to make up for the fraudulent social security payments.

Florida Man July 6

Florida Man July 6: Needs to Learn Gun Safety

A Florida man decided that he would learn how to use a gun without first knowing about safety or proper handling.

He took a shotgun and started playing with it. He was getting his instructions on using the gun off the internet.

While Florida Man was attempting to learn to use his new shotgun, he fired it.

Pellets tore through a wall and entered a neighbor’s home. The bullets barely missed a mother and daughter watching television on the other side of the wall.

Final Thoughts

Florida Man can’t stop himself from being a crazy person. That is why we get so many crazy stories out of one state.

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