Florida Man July 7

Florida man July 7 brings us four stories mostly related to the pandemic. Maybe the heat down there made the masks unbearable for the locals.

Much of it is things you wouldn’t think of happening anywhere else.

Those unthinkable things are the basis for a lot of fascinating stories. These are Florida Man stories, and today, we will look at Florida Man July 7.

Florida Man July 7: Grim Reaper

We have all come to associate Florida with anti-masking.

So it was a bit of a surprise when the governor of Florida opened beaches again in 2020.

However, one Florida man decided to take a stand. His protest was unique, though.

Florida Man walked the beaches dressed as the grim reaper. Black cloak, scythe, and all.

He attempted to educate people while out and about the importance of masking and social distancing.

The man was right, and we weren’t quite ready for demasking.

Florida Man July 7: Arrested For COVID-19 Threat

On July 7, 202, a Florida man, David White took a spray bottle labeled COVID-19 and started spraying the contents all over a local business’s entrance.

Once he was done spraying the container, he told those inside they were now infected with COVID-19.

The business was decontaminated, and an investigation was conducted.

The container did not contain COVID. Police arrested the Florida man for his threats. The police charged him with using a hoax weapon of mass destruction.

What is surprising about this story is that the Florida Man had all charges dropped.

Despite the threats, the government didn’t think the charges could be successfully prosecuted.

Should causing hysteria during COVID times carry a punishment?

Florida Man July 7: Assaults Masker

A Floridian interested in social distancing witnessed a man enter a convenience store without a mask.

Instead of asking him to wear a mask, the 70-year-old man simply asked Florida Man to maintain social distancing.

The Florida Man did not like that, and when the 70-year-old left the store, Florida Man followed.

Florida Man decided he did not like someone asking him to wear a mask and decided to punch, kick, and shove the 70-year-old man. He finished off the beating by spitting on the man.

The police arrested Florida Man. A judge later sentenced him to a 3-year prison term. As for the 70-year-old victim, he survived but with broken bones and other serious injuries.

Florida Man July 7

Prank Goes Too Far

A Florida man was camping in his home’s backyard when he got a “genius” idea for a prank.

He illegally entered the house he was camping behind and lit some firecrackers. He threw those firecrackers under a 9-year-old girl’s bed.

Those fireworks scared the girl, but her father chased the man out with a stick.

When police arrested Florida Man they found meth in his pockets. On top of burglary for breaking into the home, officers also charged him with possession of meth.


What do you think of these Florida Man July 7 stories? Do you want to see some other things Florida Man has gotten up to? Take a look at some of the other days covered in history.

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